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#1 In Projector Features

🚨 21 Colors & Lighting Modes

The UniLIGHT™ Projector is equipped with a multitude of options to meet all your expectations. Control the color, the stars, and the atmosphere as you wish!

🎶 Built-In Bluetooth Speaker

Play all your favorite songs on the Unilight's built-in speaker combined with beautiful lights to create a relaxing atmosphere.

🕹 Remote Control

Our product comes with a remote control that allows you to control colors, music, light intensity, and many other settings remotely.

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Why does everyone love a Unilight™ Projector ?

It is scientifically proven that your surroundings affect your mood. The UniLIGHT™ Projector casts relaxing and soothing lights allowing you to relax among the stars and sleep in your own galaxy. Perfect for those who value their peace of mind.